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  • Mr. Waffltonn -

    Hello there

  • Hmsbismarck -

    Hi mr genghis , remember me

  • Rupalibowma723 -



    how do i apply for a job...

    • Genghis Khanson -

      I'm not hiring at the moment . . . : )

  • Jeff Starbucks -

    I changed my avatar

  • Jeff Starbucks -

    Hi Genghis Khanson

    • Genghis Khanson -

      Hey Jeff thanks for saying hello!

    • Jeff Starbucks -

      It is great having you as a mod again

    • Jeff Starbucks -

      so how are you

    • Genghis Khanson -

      Thank you for the kind words it is nice to be back. I am doing fine hanging in there. Re learning all I need to remember lol. How are you?

    • Jeff Starbucks -

      I am good and I hope you can learn what you need easily and have fun being a mod again :D

  • Genghis Khanson -

    I do know you are supposed to inform the support staff BEFORE you play different accounts from same IP. If you did not, we will try and get it fixed for you.

    Did you post request in the forum? That is wrong place. Please submit a support ticket using this link:

    I will also have send a message to staff so someone will look at it soon.

    Again sorry for the wait.

  • Genghis Khanson -

    Sorry for the wait, I just returned from vacation. Your English is fine no worry. I will look into this later today.

  • loictueur -

    I posted a request and i wait a answer by moderator i don't speak very good english I try to translate my request in english : Hello , :)I write this message today about one of my friends ( Alixen in the game) which has been banned from playing with because the use of a dual account on the same IP only he had went to a friend ( MilanDarkus ) who also has played Call of war they are connected together without thought to the anti cheat . This is probably verifiable with time spent on MilanDarkus IP by Alixen by knowing Alixen plays all the time on the same IP unless that day so I asked the kindly staff Unban Alixen the game.
    Thank you for taking the time to read.

    Sincerely Loictueur .

    Waiting for your reply ^^ ( I used google translate sorry

  • Genghis Khanson -

    Hello there Lellek. This is a known issue and can be resolved most often by refreshing your browser. If you are not using Firefox, I also suggest trying this out as it may cut down on instances of this visual bug.

  • Lellek -

    Hi, I have a problem during the game. The problem is that when you click on: - the creation of the building / unit sent / ...
    These processes they remain on the map and disappear throughout login to the game. Could you help me?
    Apparently the game has reflash.

  • Genghis Khanson -


  • mfncff -

    moving on up to the east side