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  • camandante and -

    potrei sapere se parli italiano? Grazie

  • utopian -

    Hey, i was thinking about the balancing in CoW and there might be some features causing problems on it especially when it comes to maintenance and costs of maintenance.
    The rocket is quite cheap in research and production and exceptionally powerful. Once upgraded to lv. 2 it mostly becomes one of the ruler in game. Beeing as unstoppable as crucially devastating. Compared to the production of the light tank there might be the fuel missing from the rocket. Does it fly with on his own ... tanks costs fuel after all 600, but the rocket don't have fuel costs in production and NO maintenance costs. It is clear that a rocket is pretty simple, get some explosive charge, put it in a flying shell and start engine.
    Unfortunately their is no movement without fuel in the engine thats why i think they should cost FUEL and not just such as the 25 crumbs of manpower needed for the tanks.
    Well, the Germans in WW2 would have love it to get some rockets presented in this game. They could have won the war with all their i think 5000 standing around .. yes they didn't won cause fuel was missing.

    Please balance the game a little better
    Thanks and greetings

  • JLMOE -

    Can not get into my games

    But can get into forum

  • JLMOE -

    I think the servers are down

    A least from Zip 55303 Mn. USA

  • Themba -

    502 Bat Getway?? nie moge wejsc do gry

  • Von Gall -

    Hi, I'm new here and I have question: this morning I cannot eneter the game... is there some trouble with the game that you are aware of? When I click on my game the page with the right id game is uploaded but when the green bar is full the page is blocked... Could you please help me with that? Thanks

  • KIO84 -

    the game is not loaded... it's a long time?

    • rastermannMB -

      for the moment i can´t give you further information how long it will take. asap we will inform when the server are working again

  • Ogun07 -


    Olá rasermannMB.
    Estou com um problema. Pode me ajudar?

  • Ogun07 -

    Olá rasermannMB.
    Estou com um problema. Pode me ajudar?

  • Baha Cebeci -

    Hallo rastermannMB !

  • Kelemen Aron -

    (Germany) ich hab da eine frage wie kann ich ins forum schreiben

  • brian german -

    ok danke für die antwort <:

  • brian german -

    Hallo Rastermann wollte mal fragen was eignentlich mit dem neuen ubdate ist wann es so ungefähr rauskommt und so freu mich schon seit das erste mit der weltkarte war ansonsten schöne grüße.

    • rastermannMB -

      Das Update kommt wenn es kommt. Derzeit sind wir noch am Testen und beheben einige Fehler, diese Woche wird wahrscheinlich erstmal nur ein kleines Update kommen.

  • MKBerliner -

    Zucker der Süße, Zucker

  • Menatay -

    Hallo Rastermann, hätte eine Rückfrage zu den Siegbedingungen: In unserem Spiel sind 654 Punkte als Bedingung angegeben. Ist dies aktuell? Wird die Hälfte reichen? Kann man auch mit 5 aktiven Spielern beenden (ohne die Bündnisse zu brechen...)?

  • Jack Kennedy. -

    Nice image of profile that symbolizes the historical Napoleonic Army.

  • Swedishgirl -

    höhöhöhö findet xD

  • tellan42 -

    Moin, ich würde mich gerne bei den Frontpionieren anmelden. Hatte den Supprot auch eine Mail geschickt, vor Tagen, jedoch noch keinen Antwort erhalten. Könntest du mir da weiter helfen?