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  • Capt Blye -

    Nevermind. It just showed up.

  • Capt Blye -

    My commandos have been waiting for a transport ship for about an hour. this never happened before. Should I be worried?

  • sausagesword -

    hi why are non of my achievements showing as i never receive gold from this game

  • Superchan -

    Dear Ay Blinkin,
    I have made up an idea for a non-gold alliance tournament - you'll find it in the community events section. I was just wondering if you wanted to enter - your alliance is very prestigious and that would raise the profile of the tournament..

    Let me know what you think,

  • Kungfuguy -

    Hey Ay Blinkin. You might remember me, you helpped me with some promlems a while back and now I play the game a lot and love it. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I HAVE BEEN BANNED FOR MUILITY ACCONTING, but I never do it. I understand that if two people on the same wi fi and playing call of war they are banned. First it was a bunch of my school friends. Now a forign exchange student from france is here, I convinced him to play call of war, we join a game I made WITH ANTI CHEAT OFF and we still get banned. I should also note I temperaraly went to french language servers because I know a bit of french and so that we could be in the same game. Pls unban me, and email jameseustis@icloud.com if you need any more information. My username is Kungfuguy.I never got a warning and it was instantly banned, no three day stuff. (Also put this on help I got banned post, did not realize that was a thing until after I posted it here. Update: I can log into my accont Kungfuguy again and I got a message in french in my inbox saying this is a warning my other acconts have been banned ect. I replyed (in french) saying unban paul please I was not cheating email jameseustis@icloud.com for questions.

    • Kungfuguy -

      I should also say I never got the "warning" the ban appel page on form said I should.

  • injinji -

    You're a mod one day, retired the next, mod, retired, and back a mod. Make up your mind!

  • NickM07 -

    Ay Blinkin i send you messages for the ban plz respond. Your trying to waste time

  • oceanhawk -

    Gave ya a follow ❤

  • oceanhawk -

    Oye check mobile, 129!

  • ShadowHawk5 -

    I was told to create a conversation with you, wiseodin, and almighty jewbear to discuss my ban

  • injinji -

    knew it Polish Hammer=Ay Blinkin

  • injinji -

    your term as a mod seemed to be short

  • worldwar2history -


  • Namlos6206 -

    guten morgen, gerne moechte ich mich im forum registrieren, bevor icch beginne zu spielen. wie muss ich vorgehehen. netter gruss an alle Namlos6206