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  • Ironman.. -

    I'm Referring to you as the Game Operator that i have been banned From COW unfairly Need Help!!!

    My username is Ironmann.. with 2 N's and dots A few months ago i used accounts Nimra. and Ironman. with 1 dot for testing in my Multi-Account game now i have been banned. Can you please delete those accounts above and give my account back ironmann..

  • MontanaBB -

    Hiya. Since Dr. L resigned, I understand that you are temporarily the senior administrator. Can you tell me why Nemuritor98 has been blocked, and whether the block is temporary or permanent?

    Nemo is one of the good ones, and it would be a shame to lose his constructive participation in the English and Spanish language forums.

    • Mathex319 -


      He is banned because he broke the rules we have, we do not discuss people's bans with other players.

  • GaDawg -

    1954041 cant enter the game!!! been going on now for two days

  • gorant1965 -

    So what the heck is going on? game 1874601 I can't get in. I have spent a lot of gold and don't want to get wiped out!!!!!

  • MontanaBB -

    Re game 1702073 not starting, I tried to respond to your email inquiry immediately upon receipt via return email. In a related discussion on his wall, Dr. L. indicated that I had not responded to your inquiry. Did you receive my return email?

    • Mathex319 -

      No i haven't received an email from you

    • MontanaBB -

      I received the automated reply to my in-game bug report -- over your signature -- @ 18:15 on November 19, and replied to it through the COW email system @ 18:25. Do you not receive replies to the automated bug report responses?

    • MontanaBB -

      The problem is now resolved, but if it would be helpful to you to track the emails, I can forward/re-send them to you.

    • Mathex319 -

      If it's resolved then don't bother sending me it now, if you'll have more problems in the future, remember just make a post or ticket about it.

    • MontanaBB -

      A "ticket" and a bug report are the same thing, right? If so, I believe your automated email was sent in response to my in-game bug report . . . .

  • Carl Wilson -

    ​Alright! Registration is open!
    The game details are below!

    Game Number: 1445540​
    Password: RPGlocked
    Alliance: 1

    You join the game once Britain and Germany joins, and if they haven't joined by the time you see this message, just wait and try later. You cannot attack till Monday. Feel free to do researches and movements though. Also remember:

    Game-play Rules:
    No gold-use in any part of the game.

    No foul-talk

    There is no reason to post in the newspaper daily, just be active.

    Any players who are absent without notifying me before-hand for more then 6 days are removed.

    Only Axis factions map attack neutral territories. (Miniature factions such as Canada or Luxembourg are Neutral.

    No factions can attack within the first 2 days unless the Axis attacks a faction first.

    Each faction may only have a max of TWO NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS at any given point in the game.

    America cannot attack any Axis powers until day 12 unless they are attacked before then.

    Germany has to have invaded Poland by day 5.​

  • TomaHawk96 -