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  • dgm12 -


  • dgm12 -

    Hello good sir, I am obsessed with call of war and I would greatly appreciate it if You created a mobile version for android. Because when i try to play Call of war on android i can only move my pieces around the map But it does take a annoying amount of effort to do so..... I think i speak for everyone else who loves to play this game... I once played last summer every day for a few hours But it was a big hassle because I was forced to run downstairs to my computer and bother everyone in my house about it.

  • tripb -

    Why do updates effect current games? Updates should only effect new games. When you run an update in a current game, it dramatically changes the dynamic of that specific game. In a specific game, type of units are created in line with that game rule. You never change the rules during a game. Do yo not have the ability to make game change rules to new games? If not, you should credit currency spent back to players if rules are changed mid-game. In professional sports, you can't change the rules during mid-game or mid-season.

  • CaptZoomie -

    okay, where are the games and how do we join in? I can't find
    aNYTHING But the announcement. Can I join a game while I already have another game in progress?

  • someguy4 -

    I have a glitch were when on a game I Applys for a colation theni withdrawed it and no it keeps say withdraw application so I can't join a colation and if this helps I play on mobile

  • alexis04 -

    oui joe356 et aussi les marines

  • joe356 -

    bonsoir sa fait 3 ans que je joue à call of war et je remarque quil manque un élément dans les jeux les parachutismes, si on avait des s avion qui parachutes des solda le jeu aurais tous ses éléments car au détraquement de Normandie quand les usa-on attaquer en France bien in ont envoyé les parachutismes avant le débarquement

  • GetulioVargas -

    Está faltando traduçao do manual para Pt/Br

  • alexbj1907 -

    how do i submit the screen shot

  • BangerBot3000 -

    you should do a sandbox mode where you can be any country spawn your recources and try out things you haven't done or the players could re-write history in an intense RPG lobby. Also allow 100 player maps to be created for free without gold or HC.
    Thanks, BB3K

  • JavierCeltaGZ -

    Hola. Perdona que te moleste, pero en mis partidas no me deja entrar en el mercado. Le doy a la pestaña de mostrar mercado y no me aparece nada, solo me pone en la misma pestaña ocultar mercado, pero sin las opciones del mercado. De que puede ser? Gracias por tu tiempo.

  • Iancito tesan -

    amigo me acusan de usar multi_cuenta y no las uso me dieron 48 hs para decirles o comvencerlos que ago???

  • LKS2001 -

    hola estimado admin quiero decirle que me parece una total indignación que ustedes como creadores del juego que a mi en lo personal me gusta hagan spam a hermex games un canal que se dedica a subir todo tipo de contenido a su canal y que encima solo sube call of war cuando ustedes crean una partida para que el invite a susb que por cierto ustedes le dieron pero ningunos de susbs que lo ven van a jugar call of war por si entran en su canal solo lo ve una cierta cantidad de subs en cambio cuando sube call of war lo ven mas de la mitad de sus sucritores y no me apetece que me crean que le tengo envidia si no que me parece que ustedes son los que pierden a la hora de la verdad y otra cosa porfavor de borrar esas notificacionen en color rosa de la pagina de entrada un saludos y creo que ustedes son los mejores.

  • LKS2001 -

    Hello dear admin want to say that I find a complete outrage that you as creators of the game to me personally I like to do spam Hermex games channel dedicated to raise all kinds of content to your channel and above only up call of war when you create a game for the invite SUSB which by the way you gave him but none of susbs who see it will play call of war by entering your channel only sees a certain amount of subs instead when it rises call of war they see more than half of its sucritores and I do not want to believe me that I envy if I find that you are the losers when truth and nothing please delete those notificacionen color pink login page one greetings and think you are the best.

  • flavkuche -

    Bonjour, j'ai une question.

    Comment jouer aux jeux avec un collègue depuis notre lieu de travail ?

    Nous nous sommes fait bannir car nous avons la meme adresse IP (au travail) mais différente une fois que nous sommes chez nous.

    Avez-vous une solution ? Car ce n'est pas de la triche d'inciter des amis a jouer avec nous à ce jeu! n'est ce pas ? :)