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  • grandpooba52 -

    In May i asked if you would be interested in teaming with me in a new players league
    the information has just been posted in the forum

    Introducing The Team League…roducing-the-team-league/

    let me know if you are still interested

  • Diabolical -

    Hey Nimbrel. Last spring, I joined another alliance that's been pretty active and I've been having a good time there. I've been asked to work on recruiting for new members and I was wondering if you might consider. I know you are without right now and you might find us a bunch of fun people to play with.

    We are the Swilzner Krieger alliance...not a great record, but we have a good time. We used to be called Hells Angels, but I convinced the leader to change names since I'm not a fan of that title....though Swilzner Krieger sounds like a bloody awful German beer.

    Anyway, what do you think? Interested? Wanna talk about it?

  • Nimbrel -

    My game name is the same as my display name, I have played the last two months, do not think it will be an issue, thank you though :)

    Hey Sith!

  • NashBean -

    I saw that you posted in Nov League ,
    If I were you I would go back and edit your game name into the message, same or not. to be on safe side.

    Sign up:
    f you want to sign up, write a reply to this thread with your in-game name.
    (Failure to provide your in-game name will result in you not being added to the game.)

  • sithwolf07 -

    Hey Nimbrel!