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  • Habo778 -

    How do you have negative points?

  • MICHAL16 -

    Game ID: 2871552
    Password: CoWMM2019
    But you must tell this to dr leipreachán

  • Gilman420 -

    I am very active. I can never find a group to play with who stays the whole game. I would like to join your group.

    • MarkAchkar -

      Pls apply to kill krush n destroy and u will find our discord channel on the alliance page

    • Gilman420 -

      Ok, I applied. Do we need Discord to be a member?

    • MarkAchkar -

      We communicate using discord , so its better to have it to be involved in all

    • MarkAchkar -

      The discord link is on the alliance page

  • JohnnyUtah13 -

    I'm interested in your group. I'll download discord

  • patton232 -

    please join my game 1867466

    • MarkAchkar -

      Why what is the game?

  • mrinex1 -

    1765239 JOIN NOW RP ROUND