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  • Nicholas Maduro -

    Hello, I got banned and was told to speak to a member of the support team. Are you available?

  • Goldorak1s1k -

    Was wondering of you took a look at my request...if you're Not the appropriate person, to whom should i adress my request?


  • Goldorak1s1k -

    I found out the reason we were six of the same alliance... How comes the game dosent block us joining the same game in bystro doesnt want too many members of the same alliance in the same game? We spent money in it and the result we are banned from the game 1361103. Is it a real rule or a rule from the french moderator? I would just love to not have spent all that money and be able join the game 1361103 again.

    Please at least mail me your opinion on the subject


  • Goldorak1s1k -

    Dear administrator

    I have been kick out myself and one of my body for accusation of being cheaters... I would like to know what we did please as we are playing this game for a while now. Also, we put some money into this game. His name is John Tardogan. I'm living in Montreal and him in France... We are not using the same IP adress for sure.

    My understanding is that the Nationalist Chinese and La CLiqua Ma (the 2 others players) complained against us and you froze our accounts for investigation. YOu have to know that we had the edge turning in our side before that game froze...

    My understanting is no investigations were done prior freezing our accounts... the game is froze based on falses accusations as simple as that.

    All this situation is bitter hoping it will resolve fast!!!!

    I love this game but this kind of access denied based on babies crying (China and La CLiqua) make it ridiculous to be blame and accuse of cheating.

    Therefore, I hope you change your mind fast and also hoping for a compensation in gold as I just bought a 6 months High commandement yesterday...

    Sincerely yours

    Sergeant Goldorak1S1K game 1361103

  • James Hartmund -

    Sir Morris, you seem pretty helpful to people with CoW problems.
    We thank you * thumb up |:-)

  • pipzpt -

    please see the conversations, its urgent

  • Sir McSquiggles -

    Welcome to the forum. :)