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  • spankydee -

    How do i message management? ive been permanently banned from chat n want it lifted. ive spent money on this game i dont bully people around but, i feel i was singled out by the games public administrators multiple admins not all of them though n dont feel like ima play anymore games besides what ive started. i feel wronged, by some middle school teenagers n thats not cool man!

  • Coronel Braga -

    Hello good afternoon. I 'm a player from Brasil.
    Why the game crashes so much ...
    I'm playing game number 2787584, , can't move my troops in Alaska.
    I find this quite unpleasant, since i invested in buying gold, to have a really nice fun, is no longer being.
    How and or with whom i solve this question, before the game is over.
    Remembering that despite these probles, the product and hia idea is brilliant.
    I count on your attention. Thank you.

  • general Thomas -

    wrong, wrong, wrong

    Hi, I have a problem, I bought about 55,000 gold, yesterday I invested all of the gold into construction or production, but it happened to me repeatedly (about 5 times) that I clicked on gold (to pay for construction shortening or production shortening) but the time has not decreased ... I lost a few thousand gold (costing 12 hours cost 850 gold) ... I am quite surprised how bad it works, the system has such problems ... Can you return my gold that was deducted even though I didn't get anything for it? Thank you. Thomas

  • Caesar dvx -

    salve;ho perso la password del mio account "Caesar dvx" ed ogni volta che chiedo di reimpostarla me la manda di un mio vecchio account non piu utilizzato.Come posso fare?

  • Fulerene -

    I keep requesting, but not receiving email,can help?

  • Antoni90 -

    Hello!! I have problems with My game. Everytime i try to create ships, airplane or trops that never happen even if a press several times “créate” , please help me !!!!

  • Enigma44 -

    Hiya, hey is there a way to quit a game, I clicked on one of the gold purchase games to have a look, it gave me no option to quit (the back button was greyed out, only had ok to go forward etc., I then ended up in a game that I don't want to take part in ... I don't want to tie up a place that someone else might want to use hence my question! thanks

    • Enigma44 -

      Oh Also forgot to ask, is there anyway I can change my game name to my Forum name??

  • Cerdak -

    Hello, I wanted to know if I had been chosen for the line of pioneers in the front

  • walkker33 -

    Bom dia,
    Não consigo comprar ouro via paysafecar......manda-me para uma página de SUPREMACY 1942 a 2 dias!

  • Stormbringer50 -

    Hi there My forum name and game name are the same: Stormbringer50. thanks for choosing me.