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  • PAD_Minotaur -

    Want to join my World War 1 RPG as France or Russia? I am almost ready to start and need good players like you.

  • MontanaBB -

    I was a little taken aback by the testy/bitchy response by Papasmurf86 (actual player name, vs. PapaSmurf29 forum name) yesterday. A quick review of his battle statistics will tell you a great deal. He has played in more than a few games, but his overall stats are mediocre, and his kills-to-losses ratios are horrible. I have no problem giving tactical advice to junior players (sometimes even in the midst of a game), but I'm not going to spend a lot of time with a snappish hard-head who isn't willing to listen.

    BTW, your stats are pretty damn good.


    • CityOfAngels -

      Thanks! I credit my artillery... and subs ;)

    • MontanaBB -

      Artillery is probably the single most underrated unit type in the game. Most players seem to have no clue how to use arty properly, and as a result they don't produce many, if any at all. By the end of the first week, I always like to have a battery of 10 or 12 regimetns, which I can divide in two for maximum offensive efficiency. And when they become available, I make the switch to SP arty for the sake of speed. Conventional arty is useful, but at 5 hit points, it's extremely vulnerable on defense, and it moves like molasses. I like to combine 6 SP arty regiments with 3 or 4 SP AA regiments into a single behind-the-lines stack, and then I will produce multiple iterations of that stack for maximum offensive efficiency.

      I came around late on the offensive value of subs, but they are really indispensable on the 50 and 100-player maps. On the smaller maps, I usually produce far fewer of them because those maps do not usually devolve into major naval wars. In my last Pacific map game, I had over 90 sub squadrons, mostly operating in 8-squadron wolfpacks.

  • CityOfAngels -


  • WayneBo -

    I wondered how long it would take bystro to realize we were discussing a VERY exploitable design flaw on your thread about food requirements.

    • CityOfAngels -

      lol - I noticed that!

      I was going to clarify that I actually do have a bit of food shortage morale adjustment showing up as provinces get further from my capital, but it's insignificant compared to the ability to field 3x as much military and ignore food upkeep costs.

      Funny that they would censor the thread instead of discussing the problem, much less doing something to fix it!

    • WayneBo -

      bystro has a long history of secrecy and suppression of critiques. you might have noticed that the vow of more transparency lasted exactly one post.