King Draza Mihajlovic Second Lieutenant

  • from Ravna Gora
  • Member since Aug 24th 2016
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  • MontanaBB -

    Hey, KDM. What prompted the "I quit COW today" message?

    • King Draza Mihajlovic -

      COW got boring, and i wanted to quit both the forums and the game itself, because the game became boring, but i guess that i'll still get on sometimes, but not nearly as much.

    • MontanaBB -

      You will be missed, sir.

    • King Draza Mihajlovic -

      i certainly don't expect that, but thanks

  • Romulus947 -

    Wait.... Are you in WD?

  • mrinex1 -

    Do you want to play as Yugoslavia? in our RP round?

  • JagerandIQ -

    Your Majesty?

  • SirAmerican -

    What is your in-game name :) ?

  • J_B_Piron -

    Vecna Slava Jugoslaviji! Vecna Slava Herojima Jugoslavije!