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  • jefin b -

    Hmmm, i think Sir mcsquigles was a bytro staff

  • Emperor OneAboveAll -

    Hello sir, I am Ash and I would like to help the community of Call of War. Could you please tell me as to how do I put in an application for becoming a moderator so that I could help the community.?

    • jefin b -

      contact @Akiar

  • Hmsbismarck -

    Aren’t you a youtuber

  • whowh -

    How can you have been banned??? You have such a cute little cat!!!

    • jefin b -

      Thats probably a stock photo.

    • MiloK32 -

      oooh it's so cute

    • MiloK32 -


    • Prince of darkness -

      Why was he banned

    • whowh -


  • 16Street -

    My name in game is 1 6Street, may i Become mod or Modarter, I Have read the chat rules and the forums rules, Here is One of the rules, If u do alot of emojis then that consider spamming, If u are caught saying bad words thne u might get banned from chat. If u are taking about Nazi stuf u can get ban from chat as weel. U nat tlak about drugs and all that. And no Glorification or advocation of Nazism.

  • Rommel-1944 -

    Are u alive?

  • epimedes -

    Hi, I am not receiving emails to activate my account or to receive treasure chest.

    • injinji -

      Squiggy is not active anymore, ask Dr. Leipreachan or someone else.

  • Madman20 -

    hey Sir Mcsquiggles when you came back can you please contact me I like to join staff

  • Diabolical -

    Oh Squiggy is gone. What is the world coming to?

    You will be missed, mi amigo.

    • injinji -

      Squiggy's been gone for months

    • Diabolical -

      I knew he was vamoosed. But I didn't know that the account got banned. I know there's some controversy surrounding the whole thing -- and we can't talk about that -- but Squiggy was one top-level dude. And I'm not talking player rating....I mean that he had class. He had chutzpah, and he was an all around nice guy.

      I just hope that the current head volunteer staff member understands what big shoes he has to fill. It's not about the power. It's about the service to the community. And Sir McSquiggles really cared about us, the Call of War community.

  • BIGGEE -

    Hello I'm biggee I want to say something but am afraid of the reaction as last time I made a complaint I got a warning and was told only governments have freedom of speech and expression.If that is the case then I'm afraid the KGB will come for me if I speak out.LOL I don't wish to offend any individual but if no one complaints nothing changes.

  • MarkAchkar -

    hello, can u contact me pls, was trying to reach u, i would like for the staff position

  • gramolly -

    please contact me regarding game 1845308. Jewbear deleted me from the game. i woke this morning to fund 2 messages. first was at 230 AM with a "warning" for downtalking a player (whatever that means) and stating to stop OR i will be banned. second was at 239 AM )nine minutes later stating i was banned from that game. neither was i logged on, nor awake. I don't beleive i violated the TOS i any way. I never received the warning. in those nine minutes i could't have continued "downtalking" a player. Therefore the ban SHOULD'T have occurred......please contact me to resolve this matter.....and yup, look at my gold history....I DO spend money on this game....i'm not looking for special treatment...just looking for good/fair decisions by your admins....i believe in this case Jewbear DID NOT.....please contact me at your earliest convenience as to resolution

  • spennaz -

    how can i get my account back up and running , i was playing early yesterday and today my account has gone with my score . name was Danez level 75

  • dr.richtofen935 -

    i see you are now Community Coordinator wow you must work hard to get were you are now

  • dr.richtofen935 -

    merry X-mass to all cat lovers "UND OLNE CAT LOVERS"

  • dr.richtofen935 -

    any one pls join my final game of the series of down fall

    join game 1,741,248 the name is down fall final (must be in frontline) and happy holidays to all those any that love cats is that right mr sqidcat

  • BlobbyFerret -

    thank you sir lol dont use the forum much but got on to see if the servers where down

  • The Almighty Jewbear -

    Message me when you get a moment please.

  • dr.richtofen935 -

    how do you take a screenshot?

  • zzzvvvxxx -

    can unban me account account name is ,, nephew went on when me was in kitchen and i guess he spam chat or something, i seen a message was chat banned, but now wont let me get into game, and says me account is banned...

  • zzzvvvxxx -

    can unban me account says me account is banned?

  • The Almighty Jewbear -

    Hey, you ran away when i tried to love you.

  • dr.richtofen935 -

    hey sirmic is there a game were you und me can play with others ja und nein(YES OR NO)

  • walkie -

    Hi, I've something to discuss. Me and some friends from our alliance started map nr. 1719490 in French. In a few days we were erased from the game, the stated reason was that we have broken anticheat rules. The French administrator's explanation was that it is not allowed for people from other countries play on French maps.
    I would really like to know what rule we have broken. I was not able to find any reason why we was just fired out of the map. This is unacceptable, I am really mad that we were treated this way.
    I would like to get a reasonable explanation. We all are disappointed, most of us pay you for at least the High Command account. We take it as the map community was feeling threatened and used a stupid way to erase us from their map.
    We would like you to ask the French admin and give as an explanation soon.

  • The Almighty Jewbear -

    Where is the game mate? I wanna get my destruction on.

  • MontanaBB -

    I am curious: have you had a chance to review the substance of the conversation started by Dr. Leprechan with me earlier today -- before it was deleted without explanation? Deleting a dispute thread, pending a review, strikes me as both high-handed and more than a little bit insulting. Did Dr. L delete it?

  • Alpha_Zulu -

    Hello Sir McSquiggles,
    I have sent out several messages to different people looking for help with my alliance issue. As of today I have had no response.
    For some reason people can not join my alliance nor can I invite new people to my alliance.
    I and they are getting a message that reads.

    " You cannot select a different player from the alliance league any more. Maximum unique player count has reached."

    Why am I getting this message? I only have 8 members including my self. I thought maximum members for an alliance was 20.
    I would like to continue to recruit new members to my alliance but am currently unable to do so. Also one of my current members could not join an alliance match I created. He has got an similar message.
    I will include my contact information along with this message. If you are not the person to speak to about this issue, please direct me to the person who can.

    Game name : Alpha_Zulu

    Thank you
    Scott Langevin -AKA : Alpha_Zulu

    • Sir McSquiggles -

      Hello, firstly I will note that I edited out personal info(Its a public forum). You have sent a report about this recently, please respond to response you were given from the report and we can delve further into this issue. Thank you. :)

  • Sumbern -

    Everyone else are changing their avatars to christmas characters, so i decided to do so aswell..

    • Sir McSquiggles -

      Very good! We must promote the spirit of Christmas for all the hear/see. :)

  • dr.richtofen935 -

    like my new avatar i have more kittens and i will change the pics soon i have 3 tans 1 lack and a gay. and my little friend coffe its full of coffe colors !!!

  • Steelers0525 -

    Hello, I am interested in joining your alliance I am level 42 and very active.