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  • Dear generals,

    as commanders in chief you need to know at all times where and when to strike in order to dominate your foes and minimize your own casualties. This is why we have put maximum effort into making the game lists more appealing and easy to use, helping you to identify the most exciting game rounds more easily. This includes the following changes:
    • The game list has been completely reworked to better promote the most popular game rounds and hide irrelevant ones.
    • The game details panel has also been reworked to display all the game information in a more clear and appealing manner.
    • Password-protected games and alliance games are not shown in the games list anymore as the majority of players could not join them. They can still be found via the search field by entering the game number.
    • Several popups suggesting new game rounds have been reworked to fit the new style.

    In the last months we also often received feedback that some maps feel too empty or become inactive too quickly. For that reason we are limiting the number of games players can create to reduce the amount of empty maps:
    • From now on players will only be able to create one game per month. We encourage everyone to join existing rounds instead for more exciting challenges. Alliance games are excluded from this limitation.
    • With the next update Members of the High Command will be able to create 5 games per month.
    • Additionally, players now need the rank of Technician Fifth Grade (Lvl. 11) to create games.
    In addition, we made an important change to the way troops of defeated players are treated, together with a few bugfixes:
    • When players lose all of their provinces AND become inactive or AI, their remaining armies are removed from the map and relations are reset to peace.
    • Sometimes, units that entered the vision radius of your units were still shown as "?". This has been fixed.
    • Sometimes, the AI researched Elite units which were then available to players who took their place - regardless of the number of blueprints they possessed. This has been fixed.
    And there’s still more! Our mobile dev team has worked hard to bring two awesome features to all players who love to play Call of War on the go:
    • First, coalitions are now finally mobile-ready! You can access and manage them directly on your portable device.
    • Second, we can now answer the question “Is there a Call of War app?” with “Yes!”. With a so-called ‘progressive web app’ you can now install Call of War on your Android device by clicking on the popup you’ll receive next time you access the game. As non-Android users you can use the “add to home screen” function of your mobile browser to enable instant access to your games.
    We hope you like the changes and encourage you to provide feedback on the forum.

    Your Call of War team
  • Greetings Generals,

    Your Call of War support team would like to take this moment to remind ALL PLAYERS that at no time will Bytro, Game Developers or Call of War Support Staff, contact you to ask you for your game information/details (this includes email, password and username).

    At all times players are obliged to keep all access data for the game strictly confidential.

    Have Fun Playing!

    Your Call of War Support Team!

  • Dear generals,

    with today’s update we will release a bunch of mobile improvements and also some nice features that will make your game experience even better.
    • We redesigned the game list to separate the system generated games from the custom games. A silver star in front of the game titles marks the system generated games.
    • You are now able to receive an achievement for winning the America 1942: Homefront Map
    • The Coalition Power Index was brought back to life and can be found in the newspaper.
    • We fixed a bug that made the province administration list jump back to the top.
    • Uploading an image once to a newspaper article and writing another article would add the same image again. This has been fixed.
    For mobile:

    If you haven’t tried our mobile Call of War yet, you definitely should. Today we released a lot of improvements and thanks to everyone, who keeps providing feedback!
    • You will be able to use different options in the new settings menu at the bottom right, such as displaying morale and also switching back to the desktop version. Additionally we removed the ‘Switch to Desktop’ button from the loading screen.
    • The ‘Back’ button of your browser won’t close your games anymore.
    • Games will now open in full screen by default (this can also be changed in the settings menu).
    • Every premium action provides feedback in form of a floating tool tip.
    • The default settings for different map zoom modes were optimized for more clarity. For example: Province names are now only written on urban provinces and different zoom settings will provide different information on the map.
    • You will now be able to see the blueprint requirements in the research details. Additionally you can now easily buy blueprints on mobile as well.
    • The unit tool tip of an army will now show the accumulated upkeep of all units of that type in that army
    • We increased the time until the lasso tool for multi army selection shows up in order to make it easier to scroll the map
    We hope you like today’s update. As usual feel free to give us feedback in the forums and let us know which other improvements you would like to see.

    Best of Luck, Your Call of War Team
  • Dear generals,

    we are happy to announce a big surprise for our end-game strategists: With today’s update you will be able to buy blueprints with Gold to unlock the elite units in the research panel. Buy them either directly in your research tab or in the blueprints overview in the statistics window. The price for each blueprint will be visible in the tool tip. The costs vary depending on how many blueprints of that type you already possess. Supply crates will contain only resources if you already own all the blueprints.

    Besides that we have the following changes and improvements for you:
    • We fixed a bug that made the market jump when you tried to close it, which could result in accidentally spending Gold for oil.
    • Sometimes, targeting provinces with an army command was not possible when targets were too close to each other (line snaps to wrong province). This has been improved by reducing the snap radius from 15 to 10 pixels.
    • The coalition power index did not show in newspaper anymore. This was fixed.
    • You are now able to see when your High Command expires by checking the date on the top left of your ingame screen.

    For mobile:

    • The province list now supports the multi-province selection. Simply tap on all provinces you want to select.
    • We improved the province / army bar. They now show relation status of other players as well as whether he is an AI country or inactive. Also tapping the flag will open the entry in the diplomacy list. Additional province morale is shown, including the percentage value.
    • Also, awards and promotions now give popups.

    For our mobile Frontline Pioneers: Tomorrow we will release a new version of the army command menu to beta. We encourage you to test it. Please use the following thread for feedback and discussion, which you can find here.

    We hope you like this update,
    Your Call of War Team