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  • Together we are strong and can defeat enemies we would never have been able to compete with otherwise. Alliances provide protection and stability and enable you to strategize together and find your enemies’ weaknesses.
    Since alliances are such powerful institutions our enemies tried to sabotage their creation in the past weeks. But thanks to our well-trained soldiers we were able to prevent them to do any lasting damage.

    • An ‘unknown error’ was shown when alliances could not be created, instead of stating the correct reason (a name being too long or already taken). This has been fixed.
    • The game option ‘starts when full’ was not working properly, this is fixed now. The games will start immediately once the last player joins.
    • In games with peace period: If another player captures a province in which you have units stationed they will now teleport back to the closest province available.
    • We fixed a bug that led to timers and relationship statuses staying on the screen after closing the pop ups.
    • We fixed a bug that blocked games opening in a new tab.
    • We fixed the broken tooltip for forced march.
    • Team members in team games were able to attack each other. This has been fixed.
    • When buying High Command the confirmation message only showed that the player received 0 Gold. This has been fixed.
    • A bug that prevented supply crates from dropping on 100 player maps has been fixed.

    We wish you all good luck conquering the world - alone or with your alliance,
    Your Call of War Team.
  • Dear Generals,

    wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. By men who team up and strategize, who cover each other's back and stand together as one. This is why we continually work to improve the game experience for team players. Today's update therefore focusses especially on team games and also covers a number of bug fixes and small changes.

    • Players of same team in team/coalition games now have shared map as default relation.
    • Added an animation to the Goldmark balance change in the resource bar.
    • Tutorial games will be removed after the user completed it and joined a new round.
    • Fixed a bug that led to the market closing right after resources were bought with Gold.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed team members to attack each other.
    • Fixed a bug that led to airplanes icons being concealed.

    Additionally we added several improvements for mobile devices.

    We hope you like these changes. Feel free to provide us with your feedback on the forum.

    Good luck on the battlefield and have fun playing!

    Your Call of War Team
  • It is not only important to think smart when planning an offensive strategy, but also think about a safe and secure way to protect your base. We also take measures to provide the best security for our generals. For this reason we spend the last weeks to work actively on improvements. With today’s update we switch to HTTPS and also in the future the security of our generals will be an important topic.

    • Because of the feedback we received after the last update we changed the character limitation of newspaper articles back to 6000.
    • We made some small improvements to our unit descriptions.
    • We improved the auto scaling of the resource bar for mobile devices.
    • The diplomatic relation changed back to peace in team games whenever a new player joined the game. We fixed this.
    • It is not possible anymore to play the tutorial on a different scenario.
    • Inactive or banned player would sometimes not leave the coalition which resulted into inactive coalition leaders.

    Have fun in the game,
    Your Call of War Team.
  • Papers about strategies and technologies are all over the desk. You can barely see the wooden table, which has been used by different generals over decades. For days we have been trying to figure out which is the best strategy to shoot down our enemies. We can’t afford to lose any more men and it is time to win this war. We rummage through old logs and diaries. On second glance on all the different papers with strategies we discover an empty page with the title ‘the Hexagon Strategy’. I think it is time we fill this blank page with letters and write history with this new game plan.

    Today we are happy to announce a new map that has its focus on the strategical aspect of our game. Here are some facts:

    • The provinces have hex field shapes.
    • It is a point-symmetrical map with one main island and several small islands.
    • It is made for 5vs5, 5 players on each side of the island. Perfectly suited for alliance games.
    • Every player starts with 22 provinces.
    • Everything is perfectly balanced for both teams.
    • Multiple AI countries can be conquered for an additional advantage.
    • The terrain is designed to create multiple fighting hotspots with different possible strategies.
    • The resource distribution & player positions within a team are designed in a way to encourage different roles and focuses (like land offensive or air & naval support).
    • The research cost and times are reduced by 50%.

    To achieve the best game experience on this new strategical map we recommend to create maps with enabled peace period and starts when full settings.

    The map is a Gold Feature. This means, to enter the map you will have to pay 5.000 Gold or be part of the High Command.

    With High Command you have access to following additional features:

    • Join other Gold rounds, such as anonymous rounds and maps with Elite AI.
    • Set rally points to make it easier for your units to get in position.
    • Queue your buildings, think ahead.
    • Your units will be able to listen to advanced fire control commands.
    • Share the the information you gathered with your allies.
    • Upload pictures in the newspaper to give your article the ultimate visualization.

    Here are some additional changes:

    • In regards to the new map it will now also be possible to fill team games in an asymmetrical fashion.
    • The diplomacy table will now order players correctly (active players, inactive players, AI)
    • The timer on production did not work properly yet, we fixed that.

    We hope our generals like the update, please let us know in the forums. We wish you all a lot of fun figuring out new strategies on the new map and feel free to share them with us ;) .
    Your Call of War Team
  • Dear Generals,

    during the past night the diplomatic relations in many games were completely reset to peace. In addition, they couldn't be changed to something else. Out emergency team has been working intensely on a solution and has come so far that setting relations is possible again and mandatory relations for teams/coalitions got restored. All other relations for now have to be restored manually. We deeply regret this incident and further measures/compensations will follow as soon as possible.

    Your Call of War Emergency team