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  • New

    Booster Card Rebalance! New, shiny XL cards are now available. Additionally, different Card types now provide consistent values. We also made improvements to the trade interface, and added an indicator for fallout radius when launching nuclear weapons.

    Attention, General!

    Booster Cards have been rebalanced! To make Booster Cards more intuitive to use, we have unified the values provided across Card sizes. For example, a Small Booster Card will now always deduct 15 minutes, regardless of whether it’s used to speed up construction, production or research. Similarly, using a Medium Resource Booster will now always give you 1500 units of that resource, regardless of type.
    As this means that some of your existing Cards were converted, we made sure that you don't lose any value! All your Cards have been converted to the bigger size available, meaning that you won’t miss out on valuable resources when you need them the most!

    Further, we made some much needed quality of life improvements. Whether you are engaged in high stakes diplomacy, or are simply requesting some much needed resources from your allies, the newly reworked trade interface will keep you in the loop. This way, you won’t be on the wrong end of a misguided trade deal!
    And to prevent mistakes even more fatal than a diplomatic mishap, we have added an indicator showing you the impact and fallout radius of nuclear weapons when selecting their target.

    For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    Best of luck General!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention General!

    Have you found the Valentine to your Flame Tank yet? If not, we got you covered! All is fair in love and Call of War, and that’s why this Valentine’s Day will be special.

    Fight for love and conquer your enemies' provinces in our limited-time Valentine’s Day Operation. You’ll be richly rewarded with both Valentine DD Amphibious Tanks and Churchill Flame Tanks. After all, opposites attract, and there’s nothing better to complement hot, flaming destruction than the cool splash of an Amphibious landing.

    But that is not all! If you manage to capture your opponent's heart and take over their capital, you’ll receive bonus XP towards Operation goals.

    So go out there brave General and let loose with Cupid’s arrows! If you need a refill for your quiver, check out the multiple lucrative sales available over the next few days. And there’s also a brand new card bundle waiting for you in our store, ready to replenish your Inventory.

    And if you are still craving for more, make sure to check out the Offerwall. As a special treat, there’ll be bonus rewards for each completed task!

    We wish you best of luck in all of your endeavors on this special day!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, General!

    With this update several minor map issues have been fixed, including spelling mistakes, connection issues and missing landmasses.

    On the combat front, we addressed an issue where armies could halt their attack ticks in the midst of melee combat, leading to unfair advantages. Now all armies will diligently follow their assigned attack command.

    Last but not least, some inconsistencies in the user interface were adjusted, such as image alignments or overflowing elements.

    For a closer look at the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    Best of luck General!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Attention, General!

    Nuclear weapons have become even more fearsome! Nuclear explosions will now cause fallout to rain down from the skies. The fallout will affect a large area around the explosion, damaging friends and foes alike for its duration. This adds a strategic element, requiring careful planning before deploying these weapons of mass destruction.
    You can test out the new and improved nukes by joining the Doomsday event maps, available this week. On top of that, a special Operation, exclusive to the event will offer an opportunity to earn extra rewards!

    We also deployed a few bug fixes. Armies can no longer be disengaged from combat by merging them with other armies. Market fees are now displayed properly, letting you make informed decisions on which trades to accept. And no longer will resources be deducted multiple times for the same unit upgrade when playing on a slower connection.

    We have updated our privacy policy to better provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience and in accordance with local regulations. For more information see this page.

    For a closer look at the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

    Best of luck General!

    Your Bytro Team

  • ‘Tis the season of camaraderie and joy, and we're thrilled to have you with us as we celebrate this special time together! This year we reached many milestones and made great memories. Join us as we take a look at all that we achieved together this year.

    • Two exciting new units: the mighty Flame and Amphibious Tanks
    • Multiple balance passes to shake up the metagame
    • A new way to deploy your armies via Unit Cards, reshaping strategies
    • A complete revamp of the advisor system - enabling new players to have a strong start on their journey into Call of War
    • Exciting new visual effects thanks to the Particle Effects system
    • Complete overhaul of the production interface
    • A persistent chat history, enabling smooth Diplomacy between gaming sessions
    • Operations offering rewards for completing challenges across maps, rewarding active players
    • We added a 4x speed map version of “World at War”
    • Stunning new artwork in the loading screens - check our social media channels for downloadable wallpaper versions
    • Countless bug fixes and other improvements - thank you for all your reports and suggestions over this year, we couldn’t do it without you!

    Looking ahead, the new year promises even more excitement! We already have so much planned. Among new operations, events and seasonal units we also have some exciting plans for nukes… keep an eye out in the new year, those changes will arrive very soon!

    In the spirit of celebration, we invite you all to join the Call of Christmas Event map! Team up with two of your best friends and take control of Antarctica - bountiful rewards await you.

    And finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without presents. Collect yours by taking part in the XMas Operation on December 24th!

    Thank you for being the heart and soul of our vibrant community. Your passion, feedback, and enthusiasm have fueled our journey this year. We are wishing you a holiday season filled with joy, warmth, and victories on and off the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team