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    • まずは研究開発の項から
      Research plays a crucial role in Call of War, you will not be able to produce a unit without researching and thus unlocking it first.
      The research tab is located at the upper left, below the flag and next to diplomacy tab - its sign looks like a microscope:

      研究開発はCall of war において極めて重要な役割があります。

      The research feature or tech tree consists of 5 different branches - Infantry, Armor, Air, Naval and Secret. On the righthand side you can see the research slots, information about the according unit and the time needed to research it. Select a unit and press "Start researching button" to start the research. Each use of the research functions comes with a certain cost to pay, the price depends on the unit and can be seen beforehand right below. Research may be speeded up with gold.


      If you take a close look at the units available for research, you will note 4 different colours of dots in the lower right corner of each one. The orange dot on the units image means that the unit can be researched, the blue one means the unit is currently being researched, green means the unit is already researched and red one means the unit is not available for research.

    • 戦闘システム

      If all diplomacy has failed and peaceful union is no longer possible, you need to move your units in order to stop the conflict with military means.


      Most attacks occur automatically: If your army crosses path with a hostile army, or when its way passes the main city in a hostile province, fights will begin. If your army wins the fight, the remaining troops will execute the previously given command and commence moving into the original direction. Artillery also has an auto-bombardment feature: Idle long-range weapons will start firing at the closest enemy. It is often better to have units select their own target instead of giving an explicit attack order.
      Even infantry units have a range. Thus it can happen that your army starts fighting before it reaches its target. In this case the fight will be finished before the army commences its way to the target.
      In some cases more than one country starts an attack on a single enemy province. Should an ally of yours win the province before you do, your units will continue attacking the city and will cause a war between you and your ally. In order to avoid this, you should not attack the city itself in your initial attack order, but the troops stationed in the city. You can do that by selecting the army in the city as a target or, if the army units aren't visible, the flag that marks the city.


      Are your troops on their way through a particular nation, they will cause war when they meet troops of the nation they are walking through. This happens, when their status to your country is either "war", "trade embargo", "ceasefire" or "peace". Peace just means that the particular troops won’t start an attack, when they’re in range (in case of weapons with range like Artillery, Railguns or Battleships). The only way for them, to cross roads in one of these statuses without triggering a war is while they’re on international territory (e.g. sea).
      Nations which have a right of way, shared map or a shared intelligence can meet everywhere on the map without starting a fight.



      In Call of War you have the choice between 34 different units (we counted Nuclear Energy as a unit) from 5 different branches: Infantry, Armor, Air, Naval and Secret. Each of these units offers a set of unique features with regard to speed on different territories and strengths or weaknesses in combat with other units (or terrain). Units have to be researched and require certain buildings. Without both you will not be able to produce them. The information button ( i ) in the research tab will tell you more about the specific units.

      Call of War においては、核兵器や原子力艦を含む34種のユニットを5つの分野から選ぶことができます。

      Each unit requires certain resources for the daily upkeep. Selecting the unit gives you a view of their Morale and current position. If the unit is marching, it will show the province the unit is relocating to, travel time and arrival time.


      To raise their Morale you might either use Gold or keep them out of combat in one of your provinces. You may specify a name for certain units (battleships and nuclear bombers) - to view the name, you select it and then select the unit image.


      Here you can get access to very useful info such as: enemies destroyed (HP), condition, state-based damage efficiency, battalion the unit is part of, and the unit count. Attributes of the unit can be viewed just under the unit info.
      Some certain units have an attack range - you can see the range of the unit by clicking it. The white circle is as far as it can go without needing another airbase to stop at.


      Damage efficiency is the overall fighting ability a stack of units have together.
      More units (of the same type) makes the damage effiency go down, which means they don't fight at full power. Bigger stacks though, can absorb more damage taken. So finding a balance between the two is important during your conquests.


    • 17/11/08のアップデートについて
      Important note: Currently this update is only available for around 10% of all users. During our release process we noticed a problem, which resulted in some games ending, which needed to be fixed immediately. Games that were affected by the bug have been restarted. Every movement command and research progress have been canceled. Every player that received a gold payout will keep it, even though the game has resumed. Also, in case your ship is disembarking on water you will have to cancel the disembarking and embark them, before you will be able to move them again. We apologize for the inconveniences and will roll out the update to the rest of the users hopefully tomorrow after we made sure everything works as it should. Thanks for your understanding.


      Dear generals,

      from today on you will have one more interesting choice to make in your games: Do you want to be the lone wolf and conquer the world all by yourself or do you want to gather some friends within a coalition and conquer the world together? With today’s update we will release the coalition victory feature, which we announced 2 weeks ago. Please check the last news post for further details and keep in mind it will affect your running games. If you win together as a coalition, every coalition member receives the same gold reward, the amount depends on the map.


      Additionally, we have released the following new achievements:

      The Lone Wolf, will be given out when you achieve a solo victory on a ranked map
      Coalition Activist, will be given out when you achieve a coalition victory on a ranked map.

      Further Information:

      If you reach a solo victory while being in a coalition you will only receive the ‘Lone Wolf’ award.
      Additionally to the ‘Lone Wolf’ or ‘Coalition Activist’ achievement you will of course still receive the achievement for winning the particular map.
      If you qualified for those achievements in the past already you will receive the achievements retroactive.



      With this update we also introduce the researchable transport ship, which will affect units that turn into convoys on water. Please keep in mind that this is not a separate unit that can be built. You will be able to research the following levels:

      Level 1: 23km/h, available on day 1
      Level 2: 30km/h, available on day 8
      Level 1: 38km/h, available on day 16
      Level 1: 45km/h, available on day 32


      Level 1: 海上での速度23km/h,ゲーム開始時から研究可能
      Level 2: 海上での速度30km/h, 8日目から研究可能
      Level 1: 海上での速度38km/h, 16日目から研究可能
      Level 1: 海上での速度45km/h, 32日目から研究可能

      Further bug fixes and improvements:

      password protected games and games with the game option ‘anti cheat off’ will no longer have the join restriction at a certain day.
      coalition creation should work again even with big images.
      as a coalition leader you were able to see the moderation actions within other coalitions too, this has been fixed.
      the countdown for the Dominion map would disappear, this has also been fixed.