Elite AI Wastes Money & Resources on Infrastructure Rather than Building Units

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    • Elite AI Wastes Money & Resources on Infrastructure Rather than Building Units


      I realize (recently read in the forum - I believe) that the Elite AI is being looked at for "tweaks".

      In two Version 1.5 games I have watched the AI immediately spend all the money and resources on building infrastructure as soon as the player leaves the game.

      Once I personally experienced it (I missed checking in on time) and the other I read in the newspaper the next day after a person left the game.

      You can tell of course by reading that 5 or 8 provinces all received infrastructure upgrades at the same time.

      Sure when infrastructure upgrades use to increase resource production, maybe this elite AI programming made a little bit of sense. But now, well it makes the Elite AI look rather um how shall I say it - dumb?

      Also the Elite AI air attacks need to be improved. A plane attacks once and then keeps going to the same location rather than moving elsewhere making it a sitting duck to shoot down. It doesn't even know to stop when it has finished the job.

      More effective would be to have the AI assess the resource / building / research allocations of the player who quit and then just produce the same units in a sequential pattern (going from foundry to plant to barracks, etc.).

      Most likely this would be too complicated to do programming wise, but anything better than infrastructure would be a nice improvement.

      Maybe this is just a version 1.5 issue?

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      Well these are Version 1.5 games and infrastructure provides nothing but a slight morale boost.

      No resource production increase whatsoever.

      I will go edit the post to make sure that is more clearly stated.

      Thank you for pointing that out.

      Hmmm - second sentence states it quite clearly. No need to edit.

      I did clarify the 5th sentence a little bit.

      So maybe it is only a Version 1.5 situation.

      AI should be reprogrammed instead to buy the next level of IC in urban areas or in the provinces where resources are available.

      Maybe I should post this in the Version 1.5 thread so as not be confused with regular posts?

      Not sure if I can can delete this thread?

      Maybe a moderator can?

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      Certainly the AI will have to be adjusted for the 1.5 balancing. As the 1.5 is only going to be events for a while I am not sure if it can be a separate AI routine for 1.5 games or not
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