Upgrading Subs

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    • Destructo the Great wrote:

      they can see it when it’s in combat

      jubjub bird wrote:

      Always a chance I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure planes on direct attack go to where they were originally sent, whether the target was another plane or a ground stack, and the attack occurs when they arrive at that location, regardless of whether the target moves closer or farther.
      Planes will follow their target till it dies and in range, planes will continue to hit a province center if no units, thereafter. However, planes will stop attacking a target that was not in a province center if unit is killed.
      is that more clear?
      I hope lol
    • K.Rokossovski wrote:

      When you set an attack onto a UNIT you can see (as opposed to attacking a PLACE), the attacking unit can somehow keep track of the target unit after sight is lost, and will follow it to the edges of the world until a new order is set (or either is destroyed of course).
      This cruiser stack has been chasing my BB for awhile now. The BB has speed 61 km/hr and the cruiser/DD stack should be at least 75 km/hr. I can't see it's speed atm, but when I checked it before it was definitely faster. However, it doesn't seem to be able to catch my BB. When I've seen it come to the end of it's current target it restarted within a second or so. I don't understand why it isn't catching up, unless it is delaying at the end of sub paths more than I've observed.

      update: The cruiser stack is now gaining on me. I think what might have happened is that he fired and missed his shot and he stayed in same place for 30 minutes at some point.

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    • It could have subs, but they are faster than me. I don't remember the exact value but it was at least 10 faster. Anyway, it does catch me, but it never hits me since I'm moving away and I think sometimes it fires and misses and delays once that happens. So it catches up fires, delays, catches back up ... etc. No, I don't have DDs, I never bother with them. Usually I only make subs and sometimes I'll make BBs later in the game, mostly for fun.

      I'm leading this CL/DD stack into a nasty trap :)