Rebels No Souls Left is Recruiting

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    • Rebels No Souls Left is Recruiting

      Rebels No Souls Left is now open for recruiting!!

      We arere now open for new members to join our allliance. We are seeking members that are both active on Discord as well as in the game. The requirements for joining and what is expected of you are listed below.

      Must me active on Discord
      Must be active in games
      Must have time to participate in the following types of games: Practice rounds and AvA games. We also do special games for our alliance members from time to time but you are not REQUIRED to join them.
      Must be level 35 or higher
      Must be friendly and polite to others in the alliance and guest on our server
      Must be a team player
      Looking for a fun and friendly alliance

      Message me on discord for an invite to check out our Discord server. My discord ID is chrisc1024#7528
      No Souls Left Leader
      Staff Sergeant
      EN GO