Airfields or Air factories late game for refuelling time?

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    • Airfields or Air factories late game for refuelling time?

      I noticed that air factories can be upgraded to level 5 i believe, which is way better than airfields which max at lvl 3. But how important is refuelling? I was thinking of creating a chain of air bases to get planes across my continent size country fast. But now i think its not that important, not as important as having troops already on standby in several key points.

      I have a lot of resources to burn so i don't really mind building lvl 5 air factories but i'm sure it would be a waste.
    • Airfields and Aircraft Factory numbers:
      Field 12 Hours30 mins150020
      Field 24 Hours20 mins200060
      Field 38 Hours10 mins2650120
      Factory 130 mins30 mins360020
      Factory 24 Hours25 mins480040
      Factory 312 Hours20 mins640080
      Factory 424 Hours15 mins8550120
      Factory 532 Hours10 mins11350160

      If you're just making them for the refuel, absolutely go normal airfields. but the 30 construction time for the factory is very nice. Even if you have resources to burn, that cost difference is massive, and it would also take significantly longer to get factories online.
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