Release Notes - 2023-03-07

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    • Release Notes - 2023-03-07

      Release Notes - 2023-03-07

      Attention Generals!

      With Call of War's previous update, new functions to the Stop button and commands when upgrading or converting were added that allowed you to cancel Convert and Upgrade orders. In your feedback on the forums and Discord you provided us with valuable feedback that you were not happy about the introduction of certain behaviours. In particular, that the feature prevented giving commands once Upgrade/Convert were started. Especially with some edge cases. We therefore decided to revert this change.
      It is possible again to add actions without cancelling the Convert or Upgrading process. These actions will then be executed after the Convert or Upgrading process is complete. The Stop command can still be used to cancel the actions.

      Next to that, several bugs were fixed with this update. For example, non-ranged units will no longer add extra morale damage to a province when added to an army with ranged units after this army started attacking a province.
      We also solved an issue that could cause players to be flagged as inactive right before the game ends. As a result these players would not receive any reward. Since they were marked as active just moments earlier, they also don't know that it will become an issue. To avoid this problem, Victory checks run before the Day change checks now.
      Finally, we added more sorting options for provinces on mobile devices to make it easier for you to do province management. Some bugs related to the search functionality in games that occurred for some languages are also fixed.

      For a complete overview of all changes, please grab something to drink and check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

      Best of luck General,
      Your Bytro Team
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