Playthrough (REDO)

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    • Playthrough (REDO)

      As you all probably know, I died on the first day in my last playthrough, (I was inactive due to irl stuff) this time it's going to be a regular playthrough.
      No roleplay, or anything like that.

      Anyway research, I'm researching my basics, Armored cars so I can get light tanks and artillery. You all are going to be proud of me for doing this, I no longer spam tank plants! Build 2 tank plants, 2 ordinace factories, and 1 naval base. After that, I built in my oil and steel provinces.

      After my troops grouped up, I placed them right next to the borders of duo, doardis? I'm not going to pronounce it. That is all I have for you all today, have a great day!
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      The American Commander
    • Day 2:

      I got an invitation from Goias to join him, I need allies since I haven't talked to anybody at all in the game so far, but I will be watching their activity, seeing if they are getting ganged up on (Because that's what happens to early coalitions half of the time) So I checked on his stats, he seems to be good, his stats are ok I guess, so I offered just one alliance, I turned down the coalition invitation and offered just a one time alliance.

      Here's what I'm researching for today, Artillery and Light Tanks, I'm going for tanks since this country uses the Axis doctrine, and I love tanks. (NOTE: I AM NOT A TANK NERD)

      What I've been constructing is just 1 naval dockyard, that's all I have for you all today, have a great day!
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      N U T S

      The American Commander
    • Day 1: (ANOTHER REDO)

      I did my basics, and this time I promise you all I won't die on the first day, irl things came back to normal and I will be active now as usual.

      Alright here's what I did, first I grouped up my starting troops, and next I did my basics, EXCEPT for one thing, instead of researching artillery, I researched cruisers so I can get naval supremacy.
      I built 1 naval base in Rome, 2 tank plants, 1 in Naples and Genoa, and 2 aircraft factories in Turin, and Milan. Next, I started saving up my resources and will build industries later.

      Alright, I'll update you (For real this time) later today!
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      N U T S

      The American Commander
    • Started building 2 light tanks, and a cruiser, I then started researching Artillery, and Naval Bombers so I could prepare an attack on Yugoslavia, let me know if I should do anything else, I'm not sure what type of stack I should do fro this round, any suggestions?
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      N U T S

      The American Commander
    • Day 2: I built some Naval bombers, and a cruiser, as well as a submarine. I'm not too worried about Yugoslavia, my bet is that they will attack too much and then kill/lose their troops, so now I will wait for the perfect time to attack. Once he takes out Greece, I will be next I believe.

      I looked at his K/D and he's doing pretty well for a person who just joined. But, knowing he is new to the game, he might make some pretty basic mistakes, like, for example not making industries, or upgrading my tank plants (This I still struggle to keep up with ngl)

      My strategy for when I attack him is when he's attacking somebody else, not me. Right now he's probably focused on Romania since he is attacking there. And, he doesn't have a navy so I can just block his troops from landing, therefore making it hard for him to attack.

      Anyway, research, I am researching battleships and tactical bombers. I will be using tactical bombers for long-range bombing runs.

      Anyway, that is what has happened so far, I will update you on any important events that have happened!
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      N U T S

      The American Commander
    • Day 3: I started scouting out his coastal cities to prepare for the future invasion of Yugoslavia. He recently conquered Albania, so I'll have to secure Albania's coastal city as well to prevent naval dominance and secure the landing zones in case I need to counter-attack or he attempts to counterattack by sea.

      I plan to force him to attack my homeland so I'll get the defensive buffs, the wall I attack coastal cities. Which means, I'll have to reinforce the Yugo-Italian border. I also started putting out troops to the sea to prepare for an attack tomorrow or the day after that.

      Alright here's what I've done for research; I'm researching medium tanks, but that's all I will be researching due to the lack of resources (which is why I'm waiting for Yugoslavia to be attacking an AI for me to find the perfect timing)

      I've come into contact with France and asked him for an alliance, he's currently attacking Spain and his stats are decently good.

      That's all I have for you all today!
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      N U T S

      The American Commander
    • Day 4: I have declared war on Yugoslavia since he is at war with multiple AIs, and I also expect the AI to do a counterattack once he pushes his troops to fight me, thus making him overwhelmed and he will crumble to pieces. A few hours after I declared war he messaged me demanding to surrender, I responded I won't.

      He seems like a nice guy, I wish him the best of luck and started to bombard my airdrop. I'll try and rush towards his nearby cities so he'll have a slow time reinforcing the front. Boy, do I love submarines, because he doesn't know I'm watching his coasts XD (This is making it so I know when he starts to make a counterattack on sea)

      I need to research aircraft carriers soon because I need to transport my naval bomber and have it do some real work and prevent any naval counterattacks.

      That's all I have for you all today, have a good day!
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      N U T S

      The American Commander