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    • AWC Season 1 Rules

      The tournament will be played as a series of NON-GOLD alliance vs alliance challenges (5 vs 5) on 10 players map. It will start on 1st of September 2018 and will be based on 2 stages - group games and knock-out phase. Teams will be randomly allocated to groups and will play ONCE against every opponent in the group.Leaders / Officers of each side will need to agree the start date which can be between 1st and 10th of each month. If teams won't agree the match start date it will default to the 10th of each month @ 16:00 UTC. To avoid confusion in discussion between teams please use a GMT Time for reference - Once the match start date and time is agreed between 2 teams, the alliance which appears first in the pair in the schedule challenges the opponent. Challenged team has 2 hours to accept the challenge. In case of failure to send / accept the challenge within the above time window the leader / officer of the "ready to fight" team informs Tournament Admin Team about the fact of unaccepted challenge and the match result will be verified as a walkover for a challenging side. Failure to show indicates withdrawal from the tournament unless an appeal is made to the Tournament Admin Team prior to the 15th of the month.

      Games should be created on the English language server, unless other arrangements are made between the two teams, and they should notify the Tournament Admin Team of their choice. Match starts immediately when the challenged side accepts the challenge - please do NOT use "start when full" option when creating the map. There will be 3 days peace period between human players and 2 days peace with AIs. During the peace period everything which is not forbidden by the map (excluding gold usage) IS ALLOWED.

      Players who played for 1 team in any of matches are not allowed to play for any other teams throughout the whole tournament (no transfers of players between alliances). Substitutions in matches are allowed in exceptional situations, but both parties must agree them. The change is made by a neutral GO / MA (different community than playing any of playing sides).Leaders / officers of each alliance must provide the actual start date (day is enough) and their line ups (in game user names) to the Tournament Admin Team within 24 hours of game's start. If teams won't provide this information there may be delays in checking gold and potential suspension / multiple starts list.Every match will be time bounded to 15 days and is won by a team, which either achieves enough VPs to close the map within 15 days or has more VPs than their opponent at the start of the 16th day in the newspaper. The result of the match is sent by a member of the winning team to the administrators of the tournament as soon as the match is over.

      In the group stage the winning team will receive 1 point - losing one 0 points. In the unlike event of a draw both teams will get 0.5 pts.Tie breaks will be set up in the following way:

      1) head to head result between tied teams
      2) total number of map points achieved in the group stage (sum of VPs from all maps)
      3) map points difference (sum of VPs achieved - sum of VPs scored by opponents)
      4) total duration of all matches played by interested parties (less is better)


      I. Accidental Gold Usage

      We do understand that an accidental usage may happen. It is a responsibility of the player who accidentally used gold to inform all other match participants about the time and amount of gold used. There also needs to be a report to a member of Tournament Admin Team within 12 hours, preferred by the Call of War message system. The accidental usage can be only considered if it is a single use at particular time (misclick). It cannot be classified as an "accidental" if the player used gold on more than 1 instance at particular time - e.g. when they did speed up an unit, finished a fort and bought resources and then reported an accidental usage).

      Player who accidentally used gold cannot gain any advantage from this action and needs to take an immediate corrective action as soon as this event happened. For example:
      - if the gold was used to speed up the unit - this unit cannot be used in any battles,
      - if on buying resources - the exact amount must be placed on the market immediately at the current average market price,
      - if on speeding up a fortification - appropriate number of HP must be removed from the fort for the "bought" period (this needs to be rounded up against the player)
      - if on speeding up research - particular types of units cannot be used in battles for the "speed up" periodetc.

      The general rule is that player attempts to restore the situation as it was before an accidental gold usage. Player who accidentally used gold will get an initial warning in the particular match.

      In the unlike event of the second accidental gold usage by the same player in the same match, the player will get a final warning and his team will get 50 penalty map points (which will be deducted from the final result). Third single instance of accidental gold usage in the same map eliminates a player from the map with an immediate effect and the team continues with limited squad. Player is also disqualified from the next match - replacement will be needed.Any teams which have multiple instances of "accidental gold usage" will be closely monitored and if there are any patterns which are suggesting that this allowance may be misused or if the team accidentally used more than 10,000 gold in particular match will result with disqualification of that team from the tournament.

      II. Unreported Gold Usage

      We also do understand that sometimes player may not notice that they used a gold by accident. Therefore we allow everyone 1 instance of the above, providing it's not obviously related to the situation on the map - e.g. speeding up production of unit when enemy is approaching the province or boosting morale of units between combats.In these occasions - there will be a fixed penalty in points for the team, which equals 0.1 X amount of gold used (rounded up).Any unreported gold usage in more than 1 instance and will result in a disqualification of player from the particular match and a suspension in the following one. Multiple instances of unreported gold usage in the course of tournament (more than 1 instance in more than 1 match) will result with disqualification of particular player from the whole event.Multiple instances of unreported gold usage, exceeding 5,000 gold by the particular team in a single match will disqualify it from the tournament – each case will be reviewed on the individual basis and the decision will be taken by Tournament Admin Team.

      If the gold usage has been found after the match / when particular player has been eliminated, there will be a penalty in points against the particular team. There will be a ratio 10:1 - for every 10 pieces of gold used there will be 1 map point deducted (rounded up). So for 1000 gold = 100 map points. The match result will be verified if the deducted points will exceed certain limit. For example Team A won with Team B --> 520:50, but it has been found out that Team A used 5000 gold - the result will be verified as a victory of Team B 50:20.Decisions in particular situations in individual matches are made by any of Tournament Admin Team (Lord, VorlonFCW and Cchyt).

      There is an appeal possible against each decision - in that case all admins will review the appeal together and make a final decision. There are no further appeals allowed - that decision is final.

      We will ask our Bytro colleagues to perform 2 mandatory gold checks on each map. The first one on the day 4 or 5 (depending on their availability) - please ensure that you choose the starting date of the match to avoid this check date to fall into the weekend, otherwise there may be a delay with this activity. Admin Team will send necessary reminders, so it is essential that you provide an information around the start date of your game as soon as possible. The second one at the end of each match. Between these 2 checks each alliance can request ad hoc gold check if there is a suspicion of gold usage on the map. Please do not abuse this option, as Tournament Admin Team may reject your requests if they are too frequent.

      In order to participate in the tournament each team must accept the general TOS fo the game - - and the final version of the above rules. Any aspects not covered by the above rules or interpretation of these in particular situations will be dealt by the Tournament Admin Team. Decisions made in these scenarios are final and there is no appeal possible.
    • Important correction to the rules have been made in September on the back of experienced issues. These are highlighted above in blue font.